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Pots and palms bring beauty to a room.

Pots and palms bring beauty to a room.
Pot painted by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui in Chinese charactersPronounced “Foong Shway”, it translates literally, as “Wind and Water”. Feng Shui is “The Art of Placement”, inspiring harmony and balance, it’s a design philosophy rooted in Ancient Wisdom.

Earth Air Fire Water
Art by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.

We live in our bodies, which are enclosed in our skin. Our homes and work places are like our second skin – both are “alive” with energy fields. This energy is known as “Chi” by the Chinese, “Prana” by Indians and “The Force” by Obe kenobe of Starwars. It’s an invisible electromagnetic energy, radiating in specific patterns, from objects of all shapes and sizes. Chi oscillates between Yin and Yang, which are made up of the 5 elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Metal. The Chi flow should be smooth, like blood circulating in a healthy body.

Buildings, like our bodies, need to have a good Chi energy, to be rejuvenating, so that when we are there, we can “recharge our batteries”. If our home or workplace has a poor energy, it will drain Chi from our bodies, affecting our immunity as well as our ability to concentrate, our creativity, relationships and prospects for prosperity.

My Feng Shui story

Previously, when I moved my expanding Kinesiology and Nutrition Consultancy to bigger premises, I expected business would get even better. It didn’t. Instead of my usual high energy and passion for life, I experienced a loss of motivation and found it difficult to settle to a task. The phone stopped ringing. I became depressed and confused, not understanding what was wrong. Friends and colleagues offered advice but the only relief I got was when I went out.

Then a Kinesiology friend and I applied principles of Feng Shui to the property. Once the home and business areas were at 100% positive Chi energy, the phone started ringing and business expanded again, doubling in the first month. We had happier social times around the dining table and the children no longer stayed in their bedrooms (which had previously been the best Feng Shui energy in the whole house).

In my Kinesiology work with hundreds of people, I’ve found that everyone is an individual and has their unique needs. Buildings are the same, they are individual too and don’t always fit with the more traditional or ‘superstitious’ laws of Feng Shui. Combining my Kinesiology skills with Feng Shui, using an EMF (electromagnetic field) testing device, and checking for geopathic stress, I can effectively assess what is required for a healthy environment.

Since following the precepts of Feng Shui has made such a positive difference in the way I sleep, how well I feel when I wake up in the morning, and how easily I attract abundance and opportunities, I am dedicated to sharing its benefits with others.

Space Clearing and De-Cluttering

Being neat and organised creates harmony.
Art by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.

Our homes are symbolic representations of ourselves. If we make changes to our homes we change the energy – especially by cleansing away the old to allow for the new. One of the most powerful things you can do is to clear out everything you have hardly used or worn in the last two years. Remembering that your home is a mirror of yourself it makes sense to be free of useless baggage.

Even if your place looks tidy on the surface, can you honestly say the same about your cupboards or your garage? In order for this Feng Shui de-cluttering to work, you’ll need to be very brave and honest. Not only does clutter complicate your life and steal precious time, it also steals your vital energy. The more honest you are, the more you will benefit from the powerful results of a new, fresh and potent Feng Shui energy in your home.

Remove everything from the room that is not part of its functioning. Anything that you do not use, do not like, or do not have a place for IS clutter. Get right down to the bare essentials of only what is necessary with your favourite ornaments and plants which bring you joy.
Either use it, like it, find a place for it, or let it go. It’s that simple.

Just as we feel fresh after a shower, our consciousness feels fresh after a major clean up. Only then can we start to build a positive Feng Shui energy and create the things we want.

Feng Shui Consultation for –


Have you have felt the difference of a building that feels good to be in and one that you can’t wait to get out of? Do you feel better when you go out than when you come home? There are simple, inexpensive Feng Shui tips that can be applied to counteract negative influences and create a happy, harmonious place. It’s amazing how a few simple additions, deletions or alterations in our environment can make such an enormous difference to how happy and positive we feel, which supports better health and love life.

Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals can increase their number of sales, sell faster and for higher prices because the final decision to buy a house usually comes down to a good feeling about it.

Business Owners

Business Owners can increase the productivity of their staff by providing a harmonious workplace environment where the staff can think clearly and focus efficiently. That way they will be happier at work and achieve more.


Architects who want to design healthy buildings that will maximize their clients’ well-being, can have a Feng Shui Consultant advise at the preliminary plan stage. While beams and sloping ceilings may be trendy, they need to be positioned carefully away from areas where the occupants sleep or study.

Selling your home faster

Sell your home faster by applying Feng Shui principles when presenting a home for resale. Unless the woman of the prospective family feels nurtured there, you will not have a purchaser even if the man admires the architecture. If a home has not sold in a reasonable time, it is amazing how little has to be changed to raise the Chi energy and attract a buyer, which makes a Feng Shui Consultation a sound investment.

Holistic Feng Shui

Although it can create balance and harmony not felt before, Feng Shui is not a panacea.
We are whole beings and our health, wealth and prosperity are the culmination of many things – Feng Shui being just one.

In a Kinesiology session with a client, I always test their percentage of harmony in a wide variety of aspects including immunity, prosperity, relationships and Feng Shui. For example, if someone wishes to bring money into his life, he may need 20% Feng Shui “cures” in his prosperity corner and the 80% could be subconscious sabotages from the past which can be cleared by Kinesiology.

Someone who is not sleeping well may have their bed under a beam or near a modem, as well as being deficient in Calcium Magnesium. It is more effective to work holistically.

Feng Shui Consultant

It is no surprise in these times that Feng Shui is becoming popular among aware people who acknowledge the relationship between environment and health. It brings a totality to my life’s mission of being in service to those who take action to reach their potential and to create the life they love.
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