Kinesiology is about improving your life—personally and professionally.

  • gets to the bottom of any issue;
  • finds out what nutritional needs your body has;
  • is a profound way to break negative habits and move forward in your life;
  • is the most modern, most holistic of the natural health practices, combining the body-mind-spirit wisdom of both eastern and western traditions thus promoting general health and wellbeing;
  • is a non-invasive technique using muscle feedback and body awareness, to help you reduce stress or pain and improve performance at school, work, home, in sports, and relationships;
  • enables you to connect beyond the conscious mind, to your inner intelligence, or higher self and regain the power of choice in your life;
  • is an advanced Body Talk system and specific Emotional Freedom Technique;
  • is the science of energy-balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology;
  • is the fastest way to talk to your cells and reprogramme your DNA;

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Nutrition and Healthy Diet

  • Do you feel as though you have tried everything; yet the state of your health, energy and vitality stays the same?
  • Have you ever wondered if you might be nutritionally deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral?
  • Are you lactose intolerant, have reflux or irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Have you had medical tests that can’t find anything wrong, but your wisdom knows otherwise?

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Weight Loss

WHAT’S WEIGHING YOU DOWN? Would you invest an hour of your time to find out?

  • Are you fed up with feeling bloated or fat?
  • Do you ask “Why can other people eat more than me and stay slim?”
  • Do you suspect there are subconscious attitudes sabotaging you from loosing weight?

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Nonviolent Communication

  • Had enough of the same negative feeling and want out?
  • Have you ever found yourself struggling to be understood, or saying things you later regret?
  • Would you like to express yourself in a way that honours other people, as well as being true to yourself?
  • Do you feel frustrated because your partner or work colleague does not hear or understand you?

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Feng Shui

Offering Feng Shui Consultations for:

  • Homeowners who want to harmonize the energy flow in their personal space.
  • Real Estate Professionals who want to increase their number of sales, sell faster and for higher prices.
  • Corporate Clients & Business Owners who want to increase their productivity.
  • Architects who want to design buildings that will maximize their clients’ well-being.

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Health Retreat near Auckland

HAD ENOUGH OF Fast Food, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones and Noise?

If you dream of escaping to a peaceful place in nature away from everything, then this could be the Retreat for you!

Whether you want to have quiet to think clearly, break a habit, lose weight, start a new eating pattern, change your lifestyle or just get away from stress, we can design the perfect retreat for you.

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If you have found many Workshops give interesting information but you don’t really learn much, then you are not alone.

Studies have shown that we learn the most when we are children, through PLAY. Even ‘grown ups’ learn best when they do and see what they are learning, rather than just by sitting still and listening. As a Kinesiologist, I understand how the brain works and how we all have different learning styles.

These personal growth Workshops are interactive with movement, activities and visual aids to keep interest and energy levels high.

If you have a group of people keen to learn a new skill, call now, I am happy to come and teach in your area. I enjoy contributing knowledge to others so that they can have freedom to create the lives they will love.

Workshops available:

  • Fast Track to Health
  • From Fear to Freedom
  • From Sabotage to Success
  • NVC – Nurturing Verbal Communication

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