Nutrition and Healthy Diet

Do you feel as though you have tried everything; yet the state of your health, energy and vitality stays the same?

Have you ever wondered if you might have nutritional deficiencies causing fatigue?

Are you lactose intolerant, have reflux or irritable bowel syndrome?

Have you anorexia, bulimia, bloating or candida albicans?


Morning harvest from my organic garden.

Morning harvest from my organic garden.
Grown by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.

What’s the Best Diet for you?

The easiest way for you to find out is using muscle testing or bio-feedback. It’s a skill that everyone can learn to monitor their own nutritional needs and create their own personalised programme. A Nutritional consultation will discover exactly what you need to get the outcome you desire.

Diet and Nutrition

There is a difference between our ‘diet’, which is what we put in our mouths and our ‘nutrition’ which is what finally gets assimilated into our 60 trillion cells. Efficient Cellular Nutrition is what gives us lots of energy. The process of digestion itself might be what needs a serious tune up. One of the unfortunate consequences of an under functioning digestive system is that the body often just stores what we don’t digest – the result can be excess weight.

Nutrients needed

We all need about 90 different nutrients taken into our body every day, that’s counting all the 22 amino acids, all the vitamins in their whole families and all the minerals including the trace minerals. Recent research has added ‘phytonutrients’ to the list. These are ‘plant sourced nutrients’ which provide antioxidants to protect us from harmful free radical pollutants and support our immune system. Antioxidants are divided into ‘water soluble’ for the watery tissues and ‘oil soluble’ for the oily parts – like the cell walls.

We may think that we eat a balanced diet, but if the soils our food grows in are deficient, then how can we assume that we are getting everything we need?

Gourds grown and painted by Esther

Gourds are more fun to paint than to eat.
Grown and painted by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.

Low energy or chronic fatigue?

If you are lacking in energy, and have fatigue, it could be that your cell walls need softening up so that the goodies can actually get inside to where the energy generators are. Neo-Life Formula IV Plus is a food sourced supplement which contains ‘lipids’ which soften the cell membranes, ‘sterols’ which are hormone precursors, as well as being a multi vitamin and mineral made from organically grown food. Kinesiology is the best way to check for deficiencies and find out which natural supplements you really need. We are all different.

Assimilation of nutrients into the cell

If your cell walls have gone hard like old boot leather, then not enough nutrients will be able to get through and into the cell generator – hence the cells will be unable to make much energy…so you feel tired!
Unhealthy cell that let in only some nutrients and out only some waste. And a healthy cell that let nutrients in and waste out thanks to a good diet.

Build your health and immunity

That old saying… “You are what you Eat” has some truth. Factory made food is created for longer shelf life. Food grown organically and taken straight from nature was designed to nourish our bodies. If the immune system is so busy chasing toxic additives, pesticides and herbicides, then it is not on the alert to deal with the bugs that we want to avoid.

Contact me to co-design the best diet for your health and energy. Why wait?

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