Personal Kinesiology Sessions

I would just like to say a huge, huge, huge thank you!!
I feel very different now, in that I feel connected and complete. I didn’t know I didn’t feel this way before because I suspect I never had the feeling in the first place. Can’t miss what you never had.
Also I had a very large bruise under my left eye for the past 2 days it was very sore for no reason, I couldn’t touch the skin. It has now gone completely!! I do remember thinking/feeling while “tapping” last night “my eye will be better after this.”
It is very miraculous how everyone and thing is interconnected, much more so than I ever had imagined. I will be sure to spread the word far and wide.

S-J. P.

Not sure how I am meant to be feeling, but WOW I have not felt this enthusiastic, alive, positive and with such a clear head for one very long time. Thank you so much.

P. P.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for our session this morning. I floated all the way home and feel so much better – lighter and freer. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an amazing gift you have – and thank you for using it to help others.

S. C.

I just wanted to touch base and thank you so much for your wonderful session yesterday. I feel so much better today, particularly finding myself standing and sitting taller. I also slept really well and woke up with a bit more energy than usual.

A. N.

I looked over the notes you gave me after your treatment when you were here and realized that you were very insightful and most helpful. I just want to say thanks.

N. M. – Hawaii

I thought you may like to know that Juliette had a scan recently (brain tumour) and it was all absolutely clear!!! This was to the astonishment of all the medical people. She is very well and still reciting her mantras!

D. S.

I had a severe phobia with panic attacks if I even saw a dog from afar. I couldn’t take my baby for a walk and could only leave the house in the car. After seeing Esther, the phobia was immediately gone. I found this difficult to believe but my life has changed completely. I can walk in the park and go to friends houses without feeling panicky. Amazing!

W. T.

I had always had difficulty making decisions, had no goals and my self esteem was low. Having completed University it was time to apply for a job and I was finding the thought really stressful. The Kinesiology session cleared some childhood fears and negative attitudes. I was then 100% positive in areas of goal setting, self promotion, communication skills, decision making and self esteem. I felt positive and confident about seeking a rewarding job. The Kinesiology was easy and fun. I encourage everyone to JUST DO IT ! The benefits are worth it.

S. C.

Esther has enabled me to clear the fears and blocks that were holding me back, so that today I’m living the life I want to live, and am feeling a happier and more fulfilled person. She has helped me go from having chronic low self esteem, to moving on from an unrewarding job, to having successfully joined Mensa and gone back to University to pursue the career I really want. My thinking has become clearer and focused.

G. W.

For about 4 years I had a health problem wherein my colon would bleed for 3-4 days at a time. I saw many different doctors and naturopaths but tests showed nothing wrong and no treatment helped. Since having Kinesiology with Esther and following the programme which my own body specified, I have had no further problems and consider myself healed. I feel so good and can’t thank Esther enough. Its changed my life to being healthy again.

N. C.

Long distance Kinesiology phone or skype consultations

For five days I had been an absolute mess, could not sleep, my adrenals were racing, my heart palpitating and my chest tightened up. In hospital I had an ECG test which showed an unusual pattern but my blood tests were normal. I was told there was nothing wrong with me, and as I had had these turns mildly for so many years, I should just live with it, and take some drugs. Home from hospital, it was almost impossible to function, caring for kids, exhaustion from not sleeping, and my heart trying to beat itself at a very fast rate out of my chest.

On day five I phoned Esther and said I’ve had it, what can we do? We started a
session of Kinesiology and hit a spot which within two minutes had completely slowed down and normalised my whole body. It was something out of this world. I have not had it back since! I completely know Esther has an amazing gift of healing. I will continue to benefit from her knowledge and skills and so will my children.

R. G

About an hour after breakfast I would feel extremely light headed, almost woozy and have to lie down for about half an hour until the feeling passed by. My baby was laying breech but I want to have a natural birth. After one skype kinesiology session with Esther – which found the cause of the issues, I now feel fine after breakfast and my baby has turned the right way ready for a normal birth. If you are considering a skype session to get to the bottom of your concerns, then I can recommend it – just do it!


P.S. Andrea did have a natural birth and has a healthy son now.

I so much want to let you know how fantastic it was to have your support during this challenging time after having a very unexpected heart attack. THANK YOU.
Having a long distance telephone session from my hospital bed, in the Intensive Cardiology Care Unit, was a unique experience and so powerful.
I’ve found your insights into my situation to be so accurate and pertinent… so much what I’ve needed to work on. It is lovely to have your clear list of incantations to work from to continue working the process… you are so professional and know just how I like things presented. WELL DONE
I so loved hearing your beautiful, calm and confident voice…

C. S. – Nelson, NZ

I was first introduced to Esther in NZ but since living in London I have had sessions with Esther via the telephone. I still feel that I am receiving the same treatment from her as if we were in the same room. Through these treatments she has helped me clear sabotages that were destroying parts of my life. I have recommended her to many of my friends living here in London as I believe her work in Kinesiology is invaluable in helping a person live the life they desire to live.

M. Y. – London, UK

I have had many experiences of long distance kinesiology with Esther and in every case I have experienced a positive outcome.
My most recent long distance session with Esther felt quite dramatic for me because I had been exposed to chemicals and was experiencing the very nasty effects of being poisoned; total exhaustion, diarrhoea, headaches, aching body. Within an hour of getting off the phone my energy levels had risen and I felt more positive, once I received the detox product ‘Betagard’, I felt further improvement and 6 days later I’m almost back to my normal vibrant self and expecting a full recovery within 10 days.

M. M. – Byron Bay, Australia


I was introduced to Esther by my sister because she had been so impressed by her in helping her to manage her weight problem. At the time I visited I was on antidepressants and needed to stop smoking because of impending surgery. Esther’s surroundings were very welcoming in a peaceful calming way and Esther made me feel very much at ease. She is a lady who took time out to listen to me and treat me with respect and patience. Only after two sessions she had facilitated me to have the self confidence and determination I needed and I was completely cured from my smoking addiction and weaned off antidepressants.
Now 10 years later I am still a non smoker.


Children’s problems and nightmares

After almost two years of hell, a single consultation with Esther gave us our son back. Our 11 year old boy was sick constantly, had no energy, suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks, and was sinking deeper into depression. We had tried everything from homeopathy to psychiatric help and after months of clutching at straws, our GP told us there was nothing more they could do for him. As parents we were extremely frightened for his future – until Esther discovered and cleared the cause of his problems. Within a week he was a different child, no longer crying but laughing and singing at the top of his voice. We now have a happy, healthy boy again and there are not enough words to describe our relief and gratitude. His teachers at school can hardly believe it’s the same boy!

J. G.

My 2 1/2 year old daughter had bad nightmares after being hospitalised and would not settle or stay when we put her to bed. After one session with Esther the nightmares disappeared and by the third night she would take herself off to bed.

L. B.

My toddler was diagnosed as having Jacksonian Marching Epilepsy and prescribed medication from the doctor. I couldn’t face the thought of her on drugs for life so took her to Esther for another opinion. Kinesiology identified the long labour as the cause of the head injury. A gentle stress release technique removed the trauma from the cell memory and she has had no further fits since then.

F. W.

My 4 year old son had a sleeping disorder waking several times every night distressed as if from nightmares. After the first kinesiology session where a subconscious fear was cleared, he slept right through the night for the first time in his life.

P. V-C.

Pregnancy and Birth

“I went to see Esther about my fertility after the doctors told me I may not be able to conceive. I was already over 40 and though I considered myself very healthy my hormonal levels suggested otherwise.

During our kinesiology session we cleared some limiting beliefs, plus Esther found which nutrients I was deficient in.  With some important supplements and a few simple dietary changes, soon after I conceived my first baby completely naturally, which I never thought will be possible. I’m very glad that instead of following the doctors suggestion of an artificial treatment I trusted my body and went to see Esther.”


P.S.  A healthy baby boy arrived in a natural Home Birth.

My 20 week scan showed the placenta was located over the cervix and I was told that I might need a caesarean section birth. At a Kinesiology session with Esther we programmed my body to move the placenta away from the cervix.
When I had my 34 week scan it showed that the placenta had moved away from my cervix (which is good news for both baby & myself). That means my baby was able to come into the world via the birth canal. Kinesiology is magic.

M. Y.

About an hour after breakfast I would feel extremely light headed, almost woozy and have to lie down for about half an hour until the feeling passed by. My baby was laying breech but I want to have a natural birth. After one skype kinesiology session with Esther – which found the cause of the issues, I now feel fine after breakfast and my baby has turned the right way ready for a normal birth. If you are considering a skype session to get to the bottom of your cocnerns, then I can recommend it – just do it!


P.S.  Andrea did have a natural birth and has a healthy son now.

Weight Loss Success

I have always been overweight since being abused as a child. I did lots of power walking and got trim legs only. Kinesiology cleared the sabotages which were keeping me fat and defined a programme that assisted my digestion. I lost 25 kilos over the next 3 months and people comment on how fabulous I look.

J. C.

I released the subconscious attitudes that had been sabotaging my years of dedicated efforts to lose weight. Some of the sabotages were ‘I cannot stay alive with a slim body’, ‘I do not deserve to have the body I want’ and ‘I want to be fat’. I shed tears of relief for understanding why nothing had worked so far.
After years of deprivation on every different diet, I had experienced the sense of failure when the weight crept back on. During the session with Esther I finally discovered and cleared my own negative programming which had prevented me from enjoying being in the body I wanted. What a relief it was to know that my body was now ‘programmed’ to be slim and any efforts I made from now on could bring the results I desired

L. F.

I have type 2 diabetes and was having bad lows, gaining weight, bloating, and had irritable bowel which at times was very embarrassing. Since hearing Esther speak, having one session with her then following her advice, I am feeling so much better…. no bloating, no irritable bowel. I lost 5 kilos in the first 2 weeks and have continued to loose steadily. I highly recommend this to everyone. Do yourself a favour and in turn help your loved ones, others, and even your pets to a happier, brighter future.

A. C. B.

I have so appreciated the session you did for me at my home. I have gone gluten, corn, rice, free. I can’t tell you how much better I feel, so much more energy and have lost about 4 kilos so far.

L. D.

I went to Esther on the recommendation of a friend as a last resort, I was tired, listless, overweight, broke and in pain. During the session negative thoughts crept in and I wondered what I was doing there. Within hours of leaving Esther’s my life had turned a corner, a large cheque was waiting for me at home, my energy levels rose rapidly over the next few hours and suddenly I felt like I could take on the world!! My sincere thanks to you Esther, let the weight loss begin!!

K. B.

Relationship Breakup Pain

I was heartbroken and shocked when my boyfriend of two years broke up with me. Esther suggested that kinesiology would help clear the grief so I booked myself in. Thank you sooooo much for my amazing balance!!!! I’m still blown away by how fantastic I feel and all those feelings of sadness and grief have totally disappeared! You are truly an inspiration to me and so thankful that I can learn from you.

A. M.

Study & Productivity

Thankyou thankyou thankyou…… I have experienced massive changes in my thinking and am feeling stronger and more determined to do my studies. Your treatment has had an incredibly positive effect on my life.

J. K.

About six years ago I invented a bench for sharpening chainsaws. I gradually refined it and started building it to sell. The jaw that holds the saw was relatively expensive to produce and I spent a huge investment in time working on a simplification without result. I had a Kinesiology session clearing all sabotage to having a successful business, and the next morning I clearly saw a new jaw design in detail – simplicity itself, saving production costs and increasing the profit. Kinesiology requires a small investment for huge returns.

B. W.

Horses and Pets

After travelling regularly to the local race track for training, one of our race horses suddenly refused to go onto the horse float. We called in Esther to find out the cause of the problem using kinesiology.

What that revealed was a fear of harsh treatment by one of the trainers. As Esther tested through each trainer’s name, the horse suddenly raised his front legs and growled (neighed) with a frightened look in his eye when we said the name “Jackie”. Esther tapped the acupuncture meridian where the fear was held and the horse calmed down. After that he went on the horse float again with no problem. Kinesiology certainly got the problem resolved quickly


Samantha my 12 year old cat was drinking a lot and the vet said her kidneys had collapsed and she should be put down. (She had survived 2 car accidents so had 7 lives to go!) She was depressed and had stopped eating. I took her to Esther for a short Kinesiology session which cleared the cause of the stress. She started eating within 1/2 hour and is still happily alive 3 years later.

R. W.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU once again for helping me with “CC” [horse], I really, really appreciate it. I feel so relieved now knowing that I can help him after a year of stressing about it all and thinking he was ruined forever. Your generosity and caring is overwhelming and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you so much.

L. J.

Feng Shui Consultations

I have great pleasure in recommending Esther Kivi in her Feng Shui skills. I moved into a new house on 9th September and although the house seemed light and airy, a number of stresses occurred soon after moving in. Financially, things weren’t happening with my business and a lot of stress surrounded choice of bedrooms for my three children. My lounge room also felt uninviting and I rarely went into that room. After Esther Feng Shui’d my home, the phone started ringing with clients, my income tripled, my daughter began producing some wonderful artwork, the children resolved their bedroom situation and I was drawn to relax in my lounge more often. I found the benefits of Esther’s Feng Shui balancing most successful.

P. W. – Photographer

Some months after moving into a new house, I noticed that my children and my self had continual sickness and never completely recovered. I hadn’t slept a full night since living there, found it hard to get up in the morning and was feeling grumpy. Since Esther balanced the Chi energy of our house, things sure have changed – our health has improved and there is more laughter in our lives. When a pair of bamboo flutes were hung on the beam in my bedroom, there was an instant lightness of energy, whereas it had never felt good to me before. From the first night, I slept much better and woke feeling refreshed. The entire house now has a feeling of lightness and positivity.

M. M. – Mother – Masseuse

We had been trying to sell our house for eight weeks. Esther made some suggestions which we carried out the next day. It made all the difference. Within one week our house was sold.

S. H. – Accountant

I had been really sceptical about Feng Shui. However, arriving home after having it done, I noticed that I felt as though I was walking on a cloud, rather than the heavy negative feeling that weighed on my shoulders when I walked in the door previously.

P. B. – Builder

Health Retreat

I’ve had the chance to experience Esther’s paradise retreat. Such a heaven! The best place to relax and have a deep breathe and thinking about my life.
When I’ve arrived, I was sick and her healthy diet felt like to clean my body from the inside.
Also, I had huge neck pain that was recurrent and at that time was really bad. I could hardly breathe and walk. Esther gave me the most incredible and relaxing massage. Since that, I haven’t had pain! Her inversion machine has also been of a great relief!!
I highly recommend Esther for any kind of pain/need/trouble.
Bless you Esther and thank you heaps!

Nadia from France – November 2013

Thank you for the lovely weekend retreat, it was all over far too soon. I’m especially grateful for the new lease of life, I finally feel like I have a clear path forward and a renewed energy to get life sorted. After all these years of struggling with health problems, to actually find 14 subconscious sabotages that were causing my problems then clearing them away with Kinesiology, was amazing. Preparing and eating healthy meals with you, I learned new ways to eat according to my blood type and positive food combining to help my digestion problems. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get well, that it’s worth it to have a retreat with Esther!

J.H. – September 2013

When I arrived at the Retreat I was 107 kilos; could only walk up one stair with my left foot, bringing my right foot up to the same step to meet it; I felt overwhelmed that I was 3 years behind with my accounts and didn’t know where to start getting my affairs in order.

After one week with two kinesiology sessions, eating the diet my body wanted and having support with paperwork, doing ‘Callanetics exercises‘ every morning, I was 2.8 kilos lighter, more flexible and could go up the stairs 2 at a time. My paperwork was enough in order that I can face it now. The interesting thing with the kinesiology, was that several unexpected sabotages were discovered and resolved.

Now 2 weeks later, I am maintaining my optimum diet, the weight is still coming off and I am enjoying healthier habits. I will soon be under 100kg which is my first goal.
This Live-in Retreat is certainly an easy way to break bad habits, clear sabotage and begin a new life. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is even vaguely considering it.

C.P-W. – January 2013

I had my 3 glasses of lemon water this morning and have hit the computer running, with a renewed urgency to get my new life kick started. Thanks Esther, you have opened my mind up to things on so many different, profound levels and curiously you have helped me focus it at the same time. You are a pretty special woman; your ability to unlock the empowering nature of ourselves is significant. (I guess if we are ready to be unlocked). This reinforces my belief that change can only be created through demonstrating an alternative by living it, and then others will naturally want it. I was lucky because I got the two week live-in course with you. You are a beautiful, loving person who shines and I can’t help but love you.


Workshop – ‘Fast Track to Health’

Thank you so much for an awesome course. I got so much out of it over both days.
It is empowering, so empowering and I really know now what I need to do to honour my body. Hopefully, this information will reach the masses in due course (when they are all ready!!!!). And, once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

K. S.

Thanks so much for the course and the recipes. I’m so relieved to know what to eat now.

J. H.

Esther thank you once again for the wonderful, inspiring learning’s over the last two weeks, it really has been amazing and indeed life-changing! You have given me a new lease on life and I feel really blessed to have been a part of the workshop, it was so much fun! From the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful!

L. J.

I’m feeling really empowered to take control of my own health in an instant! Absolutely fabulous course!!!

W. T.

Special belated thanks too for the awesome workshop. The newfound ability to test myself is absolutely awesome and I have been quite surprised & shocked that several of my favourite foods that I crave I must avoid. It was a very special workshop for me – life changing in fact!

S. C.

I thought I knew what I was eating before I did the workshop. I know otherwise now and am still learning. Thank you.

M. L.

Workshop – ‘From Fear to Freedom’

I was terrified at the prospect of speaking before the prominent executives at work. After this technique I was able to address thirty of our senior management executives without fear or anxiety.

V. K.

Was more fearful of water than death. Could never go near water whether a lake, pond or swimming pool. Could not look at water on TV without feeling sick. This was all cleared in about 5 minutes.

M. F.

My fear of heights had stopped me from enjoying all sorts of opportunities – like beautiful views of waterfalls or from tall buildings. Now I can look down from a height with a completely calm stomach.

R. G.

To demonstrate the power of this ‘fear clearing’ technique – I tested myself as having a fear of sharing my knowledge. I age regressed back to past life 49, where I was persecuted for expressing my knowledge and wisdom. It took a few minutes to clear and now I am leaping forward creating a website. Over those 49 lifetimes, I had got very clever with strategies for people to discover the wisdom, without me expressing it – now I am free to share it myself – wow!

S. K.

Workshop – ‘From Sabotage to Success’

I was amazed at how simple and effective this technique is. I’m definitely moving forward in areas of my life where I was previously struggling.

P. B.

I’m definitely more grounded and assertive. I can choose now.

P. M.

It gave me the ability to empower my life, removing negative limitations that intrude daily.

C. V.

This technique is the fastest way I’ve found to clean out my subconscious mind so that I can access my super-conscious more easily.

S. K.

At Esther’s workshop I learned everything she promised and I had fun doing it! She is a wonderfully warm and empowering teacher.

V. Z .

Workshop – NVC ‘Nurturing Verbal Communication’

Attending Esther’s course on NVC was one of those ‘defining moments’ in my life.
My need to clearly express my feelings about the issues I experience in both my business and private life has always been of the utmost importance to me. I now feel empowered and satisfied in the knowledge that I have learnt a compassionate method to fulfil that need. I am always impressed with the ability to impart knowledge in such a way that learning a new skill is easily assimilated. Esther’s experiential methods of teaching involve a variety of our senses allowing the techniques to be practiced and, as a result, taken on board in a very short period of time.
Those to whom I have recommend Esther’s course, are as enthusiastic as I am about the techniques they have learnt.
Take the plunge and learn NVC!

J. P. – Naturopath

I completed this amazing Communication Course with Esther Kivi in Havelock North. What made it so amazing for me was the way in which the material was presented. Being predominantly kinaesthetic by nature, I often find courses too heady, intellectual and wordy for me, leading to boredom, dropping off to sleep and little retention of course material. Esther’s teaching style used so much variety and being so experiential helped me to be totally engaged with the course material and the other participants.

P. P.

I’ve been reflecting on much of what I’ve learned about myself through NVC already, and am filled with gratitude for this incredibly effective and simple way into understanding myself better, being more connected with my feelings and needs, and feeling greatly empowered to express myself more authentically in ways which will create the communion with others I so desire, rather than separation. All of this touches me deeply, and I’m very grateful for the hugely significant part you have played in bringing NVC to life for us all.

J. F.

Thank you so much, you changed my life, I love you.

P. L.

I enjoyed so much the workshop and being around your beautiful self – loved your open, inviting, heart energy; your presence, your lightness and depth, and your dance.
I really appreciated our connections – thank you. So great being around someone who is fulfilling their life’s passion and purpose – what a wonderful catalyst. It will be wonderful to stay in contact.

A. P.

To every challenge, there is a solution waiting on a golden platter.