What’s your Learning Style?

If you have found many Workshops give interesting information but you don’t really learn much, then you are not alone.

Studies have shown that we learn the most when we are children, through PLAY. Even ‘grown ups’ learn best when they do and see what they are learning, rather than just by sitting still and listening. As a Kinesiologist, I understand how the brain works and how we all have different learning styles.

These personal growth Workshops are interactive with movement, activities and visual aids to keep interest and energy levels high.

If you have a group of people keen to learn a new skill, call now, I am happy to come and teach in your area. I enjoy contributing knowledge to others so that they can have freedom to create the lives they will love.

Workshop – ‘Fast Track To Health’

Are you looking for better health for yourself, family or… even your pets?

Learn Nutritional Engineering Skills through Muscle Testing so that you can discover which foods increase energy and vitality, and how to correct any nutritional deficiencies.

This two day Workshop will give you the skills to –

  • discover how to lose weight permanently
  • learn to choose the best foods for you anywhere, anytime
  • identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • find out which supplements work for you
  • test for allergies and heavy metal poisoning
  • tune up your digestion to stay slim, trim and vital
  • understand acid – alkaline balance
  • eat right for your blood type

A happy mind and soul need a healthy body to live in.

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When you are free of fear you can go anywhere.

When you are free of fear you can go anywhere.
Art by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.

Workshop – ‘From Fear to Freedom’

Clear subconscious fears and add power to your intent and actions.

Many of us have fears that show up in our lives at certain times. These fears can stop us from living fully in our power and creating lives we love, and we may not even be aware of them. Esther has safe, simple and profoundly effective emotional freedom techniques that anyone can learn.

The Five Minute Phobia Release is a simple, effective technique based on the work of US clinical psychologist Dr Roger Callahan. He found that we hold phobias and irrational fears in electromagnetic pathways (meridians), and by accessing them we can clear fears and phobias, quickly and painlessly.

Releasing Subconscious Fears – this technique has been developed further to release fears and blocks we may not be consciously aware of. At a conscious level we may be striving for wealth, success, health and vitality, true love, etc.
However, at a subconscious level the mind and body could be programmed to negate this, causing all sorts of struggle for us, and despite continued efforts to achieve our full potential we may find ourselves not achieving the results we desire. Finding and clearing these fears or phobias can be an exciting and enlightening process of discovery, and it’s so simple.

In this two day Workshop you will learn –

  • the Art of Accurate Muscle Testing on yourself and others
  • how to identify and clear known and unknown fears which are limiting you
  • to age regress back in time to clear the problem at its source
  • how to find the best flower essence to support you

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Workshop – ‘From Sabotage to Success’

Harmonise with the Law of Attraction.

‘The Secret’ is a ground-breaking feature length movie presentation revealing The Great Secret to everything – the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.

Have you seen ‘The Secret’ and practiced it, YET THE STATE OF YOUR HEALTH, WEALTH or RELATIONSHIPS STAYS THE SAME?
Perhaps you benefit from positive thinking and intention for a while but then the old habits/patterns sneak back again.

Our subconscious mind is a powerful force. It’s the essence of who and what we really are. It’s the main driver of whether our lives are happy and fulfilling or not. Following ‘The Secret’ consciously may not be enough for lasting change.

At a conscious level we may be visualising wealth, success, health and vitality, true love, etc. However, at a subconscious level the mind and body could be programmed to negate this. Regardless of continued efforts to achieve our intentions, we may find ourselves not achieving the results we desire.

In this two day workshop you will learn –

  • The Art of Accurate Muscle Biofeedback on yourself and others
  • How to identify and clear known and unknown attitudes which sabotage you
  • To age regress back in time to clear the block at its source
  • The 3-way method to change negative attitudes into positive ones
  • Positive affirmations will make your life happen
  • The relationship between your brain and your life

Prerequisite to attend is to see The Secret movie hopefully more than once.

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A Zen Master does not argue.

A Zen Master does not argue.
Photo by Nadia M.

Workshop – NVC – ‘Nurturing Verbal Communication’

A two day workshop that will change the way you think and talk for the better.

Have you ever felt regretful for saying the wrong thing?
Now you can learn a magical four-step model for getting it right.

“What I want in my life is compassion – a connection between myself and others based on a mutual respect for each others’ needs”

Most of us are hungry for effective communication skills that can help us live a more empowered life and improve the quality of our relationships with our children, siblings, parents, spouse, and co-workers. NVC is a practical process for communicating with empathy, honesty, power and compassion. Its purpose is to ensure everyone’s needs are met peacefully. You will develop your ability to transform blame, criticism and conflict in to life-enhancing communication.

This two day Workshop will give you skills to –

  • Recognize when your ‘buttons’ get pushed and why
  • Identify and express your feelings and needs so that others hear you
  • Listen to others and guess what they feel and need
  • Hear difficult messages without typical reactions of rejection, hurt or blame
  • Give and receive empathy, instead of unwelcome advice
  • Use strategies that help ease conflicts

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