Weight Loss

Over weight? – Are you fed up with feeling bloated or fat?

Do you wonder which weight loss method will work for you?

Would you invest an hour of your time to find out?

You’ve probably tried all the diets and they don’t work long term. I feel your pain and frustration because I’ve had an eating disorder myself too.

Compared to other addictions, like drugs and alcohol, those with an eating problem still have to eat. It can be emotionally painful, trying to manage your eating, putting on weight and then mentally punishing yourself for failing. Do your thoughts about being over weight control your life and stop you doing what you really want to do?

After years of research, I am excited to have developed a New Holistic Weight Loss Method that works! It’s amazing how our bodies mirror our unconscious beliefs. By reprogramming the subconscious mind using Kinesiology, we can reverse the outcome of how our mind shapes our body. Once the relevant sabotages are cleared, it’s fairly easy to analyse what is needed to balance the biochemistry and create a fat-free body.

Others might say, ‘you must eat less and exercise more’. However, that’s not necessarily true. Weight problems are more likely to be caused by subconscious attitudes, or by not digesting your food properly, so that the body stores it as fat. Everyone is different and has his/her own particular issues that may need addressing.


Renew Yourself by Esther Kivi Photo by Nadia M.

Renew Yourself.
Art by Esther. Photo by Nadia M.

Are you sabotaging your attempts to lose weight?

Past traumas may have caused subconscious attitudes that now sabotage your having a slim body. Many clients suffer from sabotage like, “I must be fat to survive”. This sort of subconscious attitude may indicate having been traumatised by starvation in the past, so they are now holding onto the excess weight for dear life! The sabotage, “I need to be fat to keep myself safe,” may result from having been harassed when slim and attractive at a younger age.


In the purest form available, water can do a more efficient job of collecting toxins and carrying them out. Every fat molecule needs a water molecule as a carrier in order to be eliminated. Beware of water filters that are silver impregnated, to stop bacteria from growing inside the filter. Silver also destroys the friendly enzymes in your gut that are needed for good digestion. Most bottled water has been treated by ozone or pasteurization, which has a negative affect in the body. If it contains inorganic minerals, they cause dehydration, as the kidneys must work harder to filter out the ‘rocks’.

Using a glass water bottle is preferable to drinking from the same plastic water container. Make an informed choice and be muscle tested on which is the best drinking water for you.


Malnutrition’ usually gets overlooked as a cause of weight gain because some people think that eating too much food causes the problem. I can eat a large quantity of food of the right food combinations and by assisting my digestion to work at 100% capacity; I don’t put on any weight. Malnutrition, or not getting sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals or fatty acids, certainly sets up food cravings as the body calls for its fair share.

A healthy body is not nourished by bread or other processed foods. They actually just increase the hunger cycle. I used to have hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) and would wake up not wanting to eat. Then my blood sugar would drop so low that I would overeat from 4-7pm.

By staying on a personal nutritional programme, I have been free of all cravings. Kinesiology is a superb tool for analysing nutritional deficiencies and identifying the best foods or food sourced supplements to satisfy those needs.

From all the hundreds of people that I have tested, it’s seldom that I find a person who can get all their nutrients from their food alone. The best supplements are made from human food, grown on organic farms. Be careful of the word ‘Natural’ on supplement labels, limestone is natural and so is pine bark, but you won’t find them on my dinner plate!


It makes sense that if your body can’t digest the food then you will store it! I use Kinesiology to clear the cause of the digestive problem and identify your best programme to get it working again. Using food combining to suit your digestive system and designing a low carb diet, is a fast way to a slim waistline.

The 6 stages of nutrition: Diet (mouth), Digestion (stomach), Absorption (small intestine), Circulation (Blood Vessels), Assimilation and Elimination (Descending Colon).

Blood Type Diet

Eating right for your blood type is important in preventing the fluid, flabby type of fat accumulation. ‘O’ blood types benefit from being off grains and dairy products. ‘A’ types need to be careful not to have too much red meat and also to keep off dairy. In a Kinesiology session we can test what is the best diet for you to get in shape.


Releasing wastes is vitally important to lose weight. If we are putting lots of bulk ‘in’ but not eliminating it ‘out’, then our width will obviously spread. It is helpful to increase the health and efficiency of all your channels of elimination, starting with your cells, and including lungs, skin, kidneys, and bowels.

Fat can act as a protective mechanism by enclosing toxins and preventing them from being poisonous (carcinogenic) in your body. This can be the case with cellulite, that lumpy fat which occurs on women’s thighs and men’s stomachs. To release this type of fat accumulation it is necessary to fine tune the body’s ability to detoxify. This is achieved firstly by clearing any subconscious sabotage causing the body to hold onto rubbish (e.g. “I hold onto the past”) then following an effective detoxification programme to match your own particular needs.

Improper Fat Accumulation

Fat on specific areas of the body tells its own story, both physically and metaphysically. Whichever muscle the fat is on top of indicates the toxicity levels of the organ that muscle relates to, i.e. which meridian it shares. So if excess fat is on the outside of the thighs which is over the ‘fascia lata’ muscle, that indicates there is cleansing needed in the large intestine. Fat over the abdominal area relates to the small intestine and indicates that it is not functioning efficiently. Cellulite is the body’s way to safely store toxins in little fat cupboards thus our skin looks like an orange skin’s bumpy texture.


The best choice of exercise is the one that is an enjoyable, pleasurable experience for YOU. Dancing Ceroc is one of my favourite exercises. Brisk walking, up on toes with arms swinging is easy. The most time efficient all weather exercise programme is rebounding on a ‘Lymphaciser’ (a correctly aligned rebounder) to your favourite music. Ask me how to get the right one. As the weight comes off, exercises for specific areas are needed to tone those areas.

Probably one or more of the factors listed above will be your solution for permanent weight loss.
Contact me to book a session and find your solution. You deserve it!


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It really is worth it to win this one and be in the best body you can be… so you can live the life you will love.