Kinesiology Outreach in Indonesia

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Back in the 1980s Dr Bruce & Joan Dewe ran the Bali Tropical Workshops to introduce new innovations in Kinesiology.
In July 2012, New Zealander Esther Kivi, now a Senior Consultant Kinesiologist, returned to Lombok, Indonesia to do volunteer work with the Peduli Anak Foundation for children who have been rescued from the streets.

Esther describes some of the experiences she had:

Samsul has a ride on Rizky’s shoulders.

I worked with a 10 yr old boy named Rizky, born of a prostitute mother and given to another woman to look after who ended up in prison. She gave him to a woman who worked at the prison, who had 7 children to look after. Someone who knew about this Foundation suggested he come here when he was 7. He would steal and fight with the other children and none of them liked him. I found his self esteem was 1%. Since his kinesiology session, his self esteem is up and he has been an amazing example to the others with his wonderful behaviour. He is so proud to say his 3 affirmations (written inside my business card) to his mentor. He came excitedly running over to me a few days after and read them out loud – I gave him a high five. He has not been fighting or stealing anymore and proudly told me he now has 2 friends.

Samsul was 12 years old but looked about 7 and was in grade 1. He was slow thinking, had dyslexia, dyscalculia, and was a trouble maker. His parents separated before he was born, he had a cruel step father with head injuries as a result. I found his life energy was 7%, thought processes 0%, nervous system 5% and self image 3%. Emotion was ‘distraught, self to life’. I cleared a fear of not being wanted and a fear of not being protected. He needed zinc and more protein. One week later he was maintaining 100% in all the previous pre-tests except for thought processes which was 96%. It was a mission to find a good quality zinc supplement for him.

Case histories like this demonstrate the effectiveness of Kinesiology and the ease with which you can take it out of the city consulting room and into places that do not have the same facilities and health benefits as we enjoy at home.

Esther says,

I wanted to contribute my kinesiology skills to help disadvantaged children and give them a better chance in life. I searched the net for places where there were children needing help with their health and happiness. The Peduli Anak Foundation came up and touched my heart with the stories of abused children who were traumatised from making their living on the streets.

Congratulations to Esther on the work she is doing. If other young kinesiologists are inspired to do similar outreach work, contact Esther to learn more.

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