How to Body Test Yourself

Many people ask how to muscle test themselves. Here is a simple system that is easy to learn and apply without anyone noticing what you are doing, it’s reliable and discreet.

If you’re fed up with bloating; tiredness and allergies; want the best nutrition for energy or weight loss; then this valuable kinesiology technique will head you in the right direction.

Actually that’s it – DIRECTION – if your body goes forward, that means ‘yes’, if it goes backwards it means ‘no’, like a pendulum.

First let me explain why.  When we see something cute or beautiful like a flower or baby, we always move forward towards it. Just as a plant leans to face the sun, our body inclines naturally toward what agrees with it.  However, something bad will make us sway back away.

(Under a level ceiling) Stand tall with your feet straight ahead, about shoulder width apart. Close your eyes and tune into an imaginary chord coming through you and out the top of your head, connecting you with the cosmos.

Say “Body, please show me a yes” …feel positive, wait and feel a sway forward.

Then say “Body, please show me a no” …think negative, wait and feel a sway backward.

If your body needs a bit of training,  you could role play it out a few times, till it works for you.

To test it is working state “My name is…….[whatever it is]”. Then say “My name is Harry.”

You body will sway forward for your real name and back for the wrong name.

Next get some different food items and hold each one at a time.

Remember that a food might test positive for a week or two, your body may then say no, not any more for a while.

There may be other surprises too – fruit, vegetables and grains grown commercially might have too many chemicals and test negatively, whereas those grown organically, might test strong.

If I hold organic cinnamon my body will sway backwards – because as an O blood type it is a food for me to avoid.

Here are some examples of how you might use whole body testing.

– commercially grown versus field mushrooms.
– cartoon of coconut water versus a fresh whole coconut
– different brands of milk or cheese
– skin care products, shampoos and deodorants (hold those on the relevant part of your body)

I would love to hear what you find out  – or if you have any questions about the process call me on 09 236 0393,

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