8 Top Tips for Life, Longevity and Weight Loss


  1. An Attitude of Gratitude

    Gets us through the hard times. Rather than worrying about what’s ‘wrong’, focus on all the things to be grateful for. Don’t sweat the small stuff… and compared to some things that could happen – it is ALL small stuff.

  2. Honour Your Passion

    Whatever activity brings joy, whether it is art, music, dancing or surfing, consider that activity as essential as breathing and sleeping. In the same way if we stop sleeping our life will go down hill, if we don’t partake in our ‘hobby’ life might lose its spark.

  3. Sleep Flat on Your Back

    With a small pillow under the neck. If you have too much lumbar curve or sway back, then a small pillow under the knees will ease that. If you need more lumbar curve, then a pillow under the waist will help. Sleeping this way allows the organs to resume their natural positions and the muscles to elongate if they have been contracted too much. By sitting during the day and sleeping curled up in the foetal position at night, muscles contract causing the body shape to look bent over and old. If you don’t mash you face and neck up against a pillow, you won’t be spending a third of your time making wrinkles.

  4. Inversion

    Reversing the effects of gravity is one way to lengthen our bodies and therefore our lives. The spine carries the weight of the skull which compresses all the vertebral discs. Our internal organs get squashed with all the sitting we do at a desk or in a car. Hanging upside down allows the circulation to nourish our spine, our organs and bring fresh oxygenated blood to our eyes, ears and brain. Mid afternoon when the pull of gravity is at its highest, is a good time to make a habit of inversion. If there is no access to an inversion machine, a slant board can be made by covering a board with a thick blanket and propping it up slightly at the feet end. If nothing is available, lie flat on the floor with your feet up the wall.

  5. Water

    If our bodies are 2/3rds water then let’s be discerning about the quality of the water we drink. The purer the water, the better a job it can do of cleansing our cells. In all the water testing I have done as a Kinesiologist over the past 25 years, rain water, reverse osmosis and some filtered waters are best. Unfortunately, mineral waters contain inorganic minerals (from rocks) which make hard work for our kidney filters. It’s far better to consume nutritional minerals from organically grown vegetables. Drink water between meals and not with food. One litre of water half an hour before breakfast is a good start. Avoid fluoridated water – see my links page.

  6. Protein

    Because our bodies (without the water) are 98% protein, we don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how important consuming protein is.

    Protein’s use in the body is to –

    • Build and repair all cells, keep our muscles toned and skin young.
    • Make digestive enzymes so we can digest our food rather than store it as body fat.
    • Make antibodies to give our immune system ammunition.
    • Make hormones to regulate internal harmony and stabilise our moods.
    • Keep our blood sugar stable so we don’t crave sugar or carbohydrates.
    • Operate our detox. pathways so we don’t store pollution and chemicals.
    • Gives us that ‘get-up-and-go’ energy and personal power.
  7. Food Combining

    The secret for a slim waistline and flat tummy is to never eat protein and starch together at the same meal. Keep them 3 hours apart. A baked potato could be eaten for afternoon tea but not with fish, meat or eggs. For an easy to follow list of which carbohydrates are starch go to Nutrition and Healthy Diet.
    Fruit needs to be eaten alone on an empty stomach – first thing in the morning is easy. Fresh fruit uses its own digestive enzymes so needs to pass though quickly. By eating it after a meal, fruit has to wait for the previous food to digest, so it ferments and creates gas. 🙁

  8. Re-programming Your Subconscious Mind

    Just as we upgrade our computers and get maintenance done on our vehicles, it is important to get regular work done to upgrade our emotional, physical, nutritional, and mental states. Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) is one of the most holistic healing modalities because your body chooses what it needs and can be done over skype or phone.


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